THE PAST THE PRESENT BBQ Evolution Welcome to the

Slide Since pre-Colonial times. The people of South America called Arawak, roasted meat on a wooden structure called a barbacoa. Term barbacoa referred to the wooden structure eventually modified to "barbecue".

In 1954 the very first portable gas BBQ was invented.
It's been a long time!

Slide 66 years after it's invention, BBQs still look mostly the same as the original! Until Now... Introducing Next Generation Of BBQs Hand Made Custom Design Mascot Grills

Slide Pop Quiz: What does Ferrari &
Mascot Grills Have In Common?
Both use sand casting method to achieve perfection Ferrari & Mascot Grill are perhaps the last manufacturers in the World to use human beings and NOT robots to build as much of their product as possible. Sand is used to cast the complex aluminum parts; molten aluminum is poured, by hand, into the casting and later finished by hand.

Slide Tough & Resilient Paint Mascot Grills Is More Than Just Good Looks... Rust proof 3mm Aluminum is covered by durable fireproof paint.

3mm Aluminum also acts like a heat shield producing consistent results every cookout.
vs. Low grade steel covered with paint.
Paint tends to peel & pop.
Exposed steel rusts & eventually falls apart.

Slide Compact Design Without Compromise.
Cook up to 4 juicy steaks at a time
Powerful & Compact 16,000 BTUs 2 Flare Guards Protection Against Pesky Flare Ups.
Enjoy Powerful 16,000 BTUs Worry Free

Slide Guaranteed To Last

Slide Burners
16,000 BTU Burner: A powerful two-burner BBQ. Each stainless-steel burner provides 8,000 BTUs and allows for faster simultaneous grilling.
Grate STAINLESS GRATE PERFECT FOR LARGE CUTS OF MEAT: Foods cook evenly with a two-burner system, making it ideal for cooking large cuts of meat. Dimensions LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMPACT: The stainless steel grill is lightweight and small enough to fit in a compact car and is easy to carry. Material ALUMINUM ALLOY LID: 3mm thick alloy create a perfect seal to trap heat inside for optimal grilling. Cleanup EASY CLEANUP: Full-width drip tray and removable lid offer quick and easy cleanup. Fuel Type Mess free propane fuel source. Warranty Lifetime rust free and 1 year no chip pain warranty.
Mascot Grill BBQ Highlights

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